New bizarre diet … being shot with paintballs

275x250.jpg Forget fad diets and gastric bands, the latest innovation in the war on obesity is fat busting paintball sessions.

A UK paintball company has announced what is believed to be the world’s first ever paintball fitness classes.

During the sessions, people wanting to get fit will be invited to dodge paintballs while running an assault course while paintball centre staff attempt to shoot them.

Organisers UKPaintball are targeting obese people with the sessions, which they believe will massively help weightloss.

A spokesman said: "Often all people need to start an exercise regime is a little encouragement, and what better motivation is there than being shot at?”
The sessions will run as part of a ten week course, costing £199 per person, and it’s believed that each participant can expect to burn between 800-1000 calories a time.
Three or four shooters will be employed during the sessions to ensure that safe areas are kept to a minimum and that participants have to continue to run throughout.
Objects such as oil drums, felled trees, tyre walls and makeshift huts will all be removed to offer as little protection as possible to participants – encouraging them to keep moving and stay clear of the marksmen.
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