Meet the carnivore’s dream - the world's meatiest sandwich

275x250.jpg Chefs have created the world's meatiest sandwich which stands at 1.2 feet high, 24 inches wide and is packed with 41 different types of meats.

The substantial sarnie weighs in at over 2 stone thanks to being filled with 1,445 grams of ham, 2kg of salami, turkey and bacon, 1kg of sausages, 720 grams of chorizo and sprinklings of salad, cheese and gherkins for good measure.

The gargantuan sandwich was created by the Food Network UK and restaurateur Tristan Welsh to mark the launch of Food Network UK show Man Vs Food Nation.

The meaty masterpiece took more than 4 hours to make, and it is anticipated that it will take a whopping 10 hours to finish … they should bring it to Newslite Towers, we could devour it far quicker!
275x250.jpg Nick Thorogood, Managing Director of Food Network EMEA says: “We wanted to create a sandwich that embodies all the things that are at the heart of the Man Vs Food Nation series – big dishes, big flavours and big challenges! The World’s Meatiest Sandwich is a truly epic creation and definitely a dish Adam Richman will be proud of.”

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