UpSwing: A portable swing turns anywhere into a playground

An industrial designer has created a portable swing which can be deployed quickly and easily apparently turning any surrounding into a playground.

Kevin Shay from San Francisco says he came up with the idea when trying to think of something which was fun and prompted interaction between an object and the user.

His resulting UpSwing is a canvas and leather swing which can be installed on trees, lampposts or anything you can throw it over.

Shay says the the best place he has used the UpSwing is in the middle of Valencia street during Cinco de Mayo. "Seeing people's faces turn from confused to genuine excitement as they see the swing unfold is truly satisfying," he said.
275x250.jpg Describing how the UpSwing works he said: "The UpSwing is a two part swing where you throw one end of the first part over the structure you want to swing from, and secure all the loops together with a carabiner, then you hook on the second part which is the swing.

"The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, and the take down usually takes less than 30 seconds.

Shay added that he's received so much positive feedback about the UpSwing, he will be taking into production in the next few months.

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