Designer beds created for pampered cats and dogs

275x250.jpg It's no secret that some pet owners spoil their animals, whether it's giving them the best food, constant belly rubs or £1,200 beds to sleep in … wait what?

A range of designer pet beds has gone on sale for pampered pooches and pussy cats which are made by master cabinetmakers and cost more than most furniture for humans.

The pet furniture from Cedel Pets and Style -- which is miniaturized versions of typical bedroom furniture -- can cost up to £1,200

Many models even include little pillows, duvets and tiny bedside tables, though we can't imagine what a cat keeps in a bedside table.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Cedel Pets and Style said: "Our pet furniture is designed in the image and quality of bedroom furniture. Made by master cabinetmakers, miniaturized comfort for them sleep well with us as we sleep."

Cedel Pets and Style          
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