Yves Rossy flies over Rio de Janeiro using jetpack

Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy has continued to push the boundaries of aviation by successfully completing a flight over the iconic skyline of Rio de Janeiro.

The former fighter pilot made the 11 minutes 35 seconds after dropping from a helicopter over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and flicking the switch on his carbon-kevlar Jetwing.

This activated the four engines, which each offer a thrust of 22kg, and propelled the Swiss aviator through the South American skies at between 200-300kph, controlled by a simple throttle in his hand.

The rest of the controls are left to the human-fuselage, Yves Rossy himself who simply usages his shoulders, body and legs to steer, pitch and descend. 
Yves Rossy described his expereince saying: "It will be difficult to find a more beautiful city than Rio. Flying in front of Christ the Redeemer, it seemed like it was just him and me. It was very spritual to be face-to-face with such a symbol of peace.
"I would like to thank the city of Rio and everyone who made this happen. The message for this flight go and realise your dreams"

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