Vibrating suit developed to help Olympic athletes

275x250.jpg Boffins are creating a buzz for Britain’s Olympic athletes after inventing an electric training suit - which VIBRATES when they perfect a routine.

Tiny sensors are attached to the wearer’s skin which sends a pulse to Olympic hopefuls when they move in the correct way.

A computer tracks the user’s movements in real time which can be monitored by the coach as the athlete practices.

The ‘MotivePro’ suit, pioneered at Birmingham City University, is being used on British athletes to improve their performances in the run-up to this summer’s Olympics.
275x250.jpg Prof Gregory, a former ballet dancer, initially invented the suit to perfect his own posture while performing. He said: “The beauty of the suit is that it can be calibrated to the individual athlete’s routines.

"When an athlete hits a particular stretch or movement the computer sends a tiny impulse, like a vibration on a mobile phone, to the sensors which is then felt on the skin.

"In theory the sensors can be placed anywhere on the body but they are put on the athlete’s joints. Because the sensors relay the information in real time the athlete will receive immediate feedback throughout their routine.

"The suit is designed to give wearers feedback about where their body is in space."

British Olympic rhythmic gymnast Mimi Cesar, 17, is using the technology to perfect her routines.

The teenager from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids., said: “The suit will be especially useful in group gymnastics because you get points for synchronisation and how you all look together so it will help gymnasts do the routines exactly the same.

“If all five of them wore the suits they would know exactly where to place their back or body then it would look better and they would get more marks."

Birmingham City University      
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