Meet the UK's largest Tortilla Chip

275x250.jpg This is na-cho average tortilla chip. The collosal snack is said to be the UK’s largest Tortilla Chip and weighs more than 50kg.

The record breaking chip was made by Brewers Fayre and uses normal ingredients of flour, salt and water baked in a special 3 metre deep oven. It includes more than 40 kilos of flour, 20 litres of water.  

The giant 200cm x 150cm creation, which took bakers more than 50 hours to make and six team member to carry, has a total area of 3 square metres, which is the equivalent of 10,000 normal size tortilla chips.

Emma Price, of Brewers Fayre, which created the dish to celebrate the launch of their new Tex Mex menu, said: “We are really excited to have created the biggest Tortilla Chip in the UK.
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