Stolen Penguin: Welsh tourists fined for Dirk theft

A pair of Welsh tourists who stole a penguin after breaking into an Australian theme park -- where they also swam with dolphins -- have been fined $1,000 (£637).

Rhys Owen Jones and Keri Mules appearer at Brisbane magistrates where they admitted the bizarre theft from Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast.

It's said the duo woke up the morning after the crime bleary eyed and heavy headed to find the 13-inch tall seven-year-old fairy penguin named Dirk in their apartment, not knowing quite how he got there.

It turned out the pair, who were in Australia on working holidays, had broken into Sea World where they jumped in and swam with dolphins, let off a fire extinguisher in a shark enclosure and p-p-picked up the penguin.
Images and videos uploaded to Facebook showed the Brits posing for photos with the stolen penguin, giving him a shower and saying: "Hey, Mr Penguin. I can't believe I have a penguin in my apartment, man. You stole a penguin."

Along with an Australian friend, the tourists had then tried to cover their tracks by releasing the bird in a shallow estuary at a nearby park. Dirk had later been found by a passing couple.

After pleading guilty to charges of trespass and stealing and keeping a protected animal Jones and Mules were each been fined Au$1,000 (£637).

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