Nearly half of parents regret their child’s name

275x250.jpg Do you regret your child’s name? If your reaction is no, then you may be surprised to hear that for nearly half of British parents, the answer is yes.
A recent poll discovered 43% of parents confessed to having second-thoughts after naming their child. Of those 19% admitted to ‘not liking’ their child’s name and a further two per cent owned up to aggressively disliking it.
The survey also showed that of the 43% who had second thoughts, 22% claimed that their child’s name ‘grew’ on them.
It is believed that these relatively high percentages are due to some parents opting for trendy celeb names which go out of fashion when the stars fade from the spotlight.
A spokesman from, which commissioned the study, explained: "Modern British culture is saturated with so-called celebrities who after their 15 minutes of fame disappear into obscurity or have a spectacular fall from grace.
"Parents who name their child after one of these celebs are then left with a name which they’re not happy with.
"Whilst names like Wayne, Coleen, Tulisa and Imogen have proven to be popular in recent years; a few scandals down the line could result in a child being tarnished with the infamy of its namesake.
"The perfect example of this would be the great swathes of parents naming their child Jordan in the late nineties to be left regretting it when Katie Price ditched the name."

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