French tourist 'parks' car in Paris metro station

A confused tourist in Paris was left red-faced after attempting to drive down into a Paris Metro station… after mistaking it for a car park.

The driver -- identified only as 26-year-old Johan -- had been hoping to find himself in a car park for the nearby Haussmann shops when he drove towards the entrance.

Instead he found his 4x4 Ducia Dustin mounting the pavement and heading down a flight of stairs into the Chaussee d'Antin-Lafayette stop.

Amazingly no-one was injured in the bizarre accident and as no damage was caused to the Metro or the public road Paris traffic police say he will not be prosecuted.
Speaking after the accident Johan said: "There was a sign indicating parking for the Haussmann shops just in front of me, and there was no kerb next to the entrance of the steps, so that's how I made the mistake.

"By chance there wasn't anyone on the steps."
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