London Zoo penguins get an Olympic diving board

275x250.jpg As Olympic fever hits the the UK even the penguins at London Zoo are apparently getting in on the act… after getting their very own diving board installed.

The diving board was installed to celebrate ZSL London Zoo being awarded LOCOG’s Inspired by 2012 mark for its summer Animal Athletes programme.

As such the colony of 64 penguins can now practice their spectacular diving skills and keepers say they have already perfected their penguin-stroke and mastered the flipper-crawl.

Head Bird keeper, Adrian Walls said: “The penguins love nothing more than to show off their diving skills and really play up to the audiences. I think they love having their very own diving board.
275x250.jpg “We’ve installed it at the deepest point of their pool, right above the underwater viewing areas, so we should be able to see them giving Tom Daly a run for his money.”

The daily penguin feed is a time-honoured tradition at the Zoo, and Penguin Beach Live! is the Zoo’s newest and most popular yet.

With newly increased stadium seating to ensure each visitor gets a prime spot, the daily demonstration gives the penguins the chance to show off their impressive skills as they dive and leap to fetch their fishy meals.

ZSL London Zoo   
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