The Queen was surprise guest at Manchester wedding

Uninvited guests are not normally welcome at weddings, but John and Frances Canning decided to make an exception when one turned up on their big day… because it was the Queen.

The royal wedding-chasher -- who had been attending a Diamond Jubilee event with the Lord Mayor at Manchester Town Hall -- decided to pop in and see the wedding which was taking place in the same venue.

When John and Frances had booked the venue, they didn't know the Royals (Prince Phillip was there too) would be there, but when they found out they wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace.

However, after the lady in waiting replied thanking him for the invitation and saying that unfortunately the Queen would not be able to attend, they didn't expect to see her.
So the duo were overjoyed when she popped in with Frances saying: "It was a bit scary but lovely.

"She was so nice and gracious. She was beautiful a really nice woman, and wished us all the best."

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