Men wear clothes chosen for them by their wife

275x250.jpg Twelve million men are sat at their desks this morning wearing something which was chosen for them by their wife or partner, it has been found.

Researchers have found two thirds of blokes rely on their partners to pick out clothing such as a tie, shirt, shoes or even suit, with many blaming their lack of confidence in the style stakes.

It also emerged half of men were physically ‘dressed’ by the significant other this morning in the shape of a helping hand doing up their tie, or inserting collar stiffeners and cuff links.

A spokesman for said: "Many men want to be better dressed, but lack style knowledge and confidence.

"That’s why millions of men are relying on other women in their lives – particularly their wives or partners – to help choose what to wear to work so they look good not just at work but for other occasions."
The study quizzed 1,000 men in full time employment between 18 and 60 years of age on their attitudes towards their fashion sense and confidence with their style.

It found one in six men have a helping hand to pick out what to wear every day of the week, while the majority said clothes are laid out in front of them on at least four days.

And they are most likely to receive help on a Monday morning.

A quarter said they’re most likely to struggle choosing what to don for parties, while one in five struggle with choosing the right attire for meetings and one in six said work.

It also emerged half of blokes get fashion tips from their wife or girlfriend, three in ten get told what to wear or even have clothes bought them by their mum and one in six have their mother-in-law to thank.

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