Men prefer their mum's cooking to their wife's

275x250.jpg More than half of men prefer their mum's cooking to their wife's, a survey has revealed.

Research found blokes favour their mother's culinary skills because they rustle up more traditional, hearty dishes than their missus.
The study also found mums rarely serve up ready meals, have a wider repertoire of meals and always cook something they know he likes.
Wives and girlfriends on the other hand are likely to dish up pre-prepared meals from the freezer or even microwavable meals.
The study also found more than one in ten blokes think their wife feels under pressure to live up to her mother-in-law's cooking skills.
And a brave 47 per cent of men even have the audacity to complain to their spouse if her food isn't up to scratch - although 20 per cent of those do it in a 'jokey' way so not to hurt her feelings.
But one in ten claim they moan all the time if dinner is below par.

The poll by entertainment channel, Food Network UK, also found one in four men often sneak back to mum's for a spot of dinner without their wife or girlfriend knowing.
Spokesman Nick Thorogood said: "It's quite endearing men prefer their mothers cooking.
"As adults, men still seek the comfort and tradition of the cooking they have grown up with so turn to their mums for what they perceive as a 'proper meal'.
"A lot of the best recipes Brits have are likely to have been handed down to them from their mums and Mother's Day is the perfect time for people to put those cooking tips to good use and surprise their mum with a home-cooked meal.
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