Fake sun installed in London to beat winter blues

An artist yesterday installed a giant fake sun in London's Trafalgar Square -- in a bid to beat the morning blues for commuters.

The Trafalgar Sun is a giant luminous ball (slightly smaller than the real sun) which was raised in Trafalgar Square at 6.51am by art collective Greyworld.

Said to be 30,000 times bigger than a football and as bright as 60,000 light bulbs, the work was commissioned by Tropicana fruit juice and stayed illuminated until 7.33pm.

Some hardy Londoners and tourists even took time out of their day to sit in the provided deck-chairs and sunbathe… though it still looks a bit chilly to us.
Andrew Shoben, founder of Greyworld said: 'There are very few moments more spectacular and uplifting than watching an early morning sunrise.

'We have tried to capture the evocative nature of this natural phenomenon with the Tropicana Sun, our latest piece of public art, which has been unveiled to help boost the mood of those who experience it."

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