Kids want Moon holiday more than Disney World

275x250.jpg The Moon is the place British kids would most like to visit on their next summer holiday, it has been revealed.

A poll of 2,105 British families found that 47% of children would like a lunar holiday, ahead of Disney World (41%) Lapland (25%) and Australia (4%).

But unlikely vacations don't stop at the moon, of the top 10 destinations 6 were fictional places from various kid’s television shows and films.

Children also want to visit a host of fictional locations including Narnia, Hogwarts and Bikini Bottom -- suddenly the Moon doesn't look so unrealistic does it?
According to the poll by, the top 10 places British children would most like to visit on their next holiday are;
1.       The Moon – 47%
2.       Disney World – 41%
3.       Narnia – 39%
4.       Hogsmead – 26%
5.       Lapland – 25%
6.       Hundred Acre Wood – 17%
7.       Hogwarts – 14%
8.       Pride Rock (Lion King) – 9%
9.       Australia  - 4%
10.      Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants) – 2%

Chris Brown, co-founder of, commented on the findings; "Having four kids of my own, I know that mine would pick Disney over any destination, but it’s incredibly cute to see that so many selected fictional destinations and the Moon!

"I know if I was young, there’d be nothing more exciting that the idea of going somewhere like the Moon or Tracy Narnia; as far as the kids are concerned, they are all very magical places that are still seemingly within their reach.
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