42% of iPhones are used with broken screens

275x250.jpg 42 percent of all iPhones currently in use in the UK are being used with a broken or cracked screen, it has been found.

A recent study found not all iPhones are kept in their original condition and that 57% have had a cracked screen at some point.

Phone owners who continued to use a broken iPhone handset said it was because the handset ‘worked fine’ despite the broken/ cracked screen or that they didn’t want to ‘claim on insurance’ for the break.

Of those that had broken the screen on an iPhone handset at some point in the past, over a quarter, 27% had done so after owning the handset for less than one month.

In contrast, the majority had broken/ cracked their handset having owned it for just 1-3 months.
A spokesperson for MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, which conducted the study, said: "To see that as many as two fifths of iPhone owners are currently using a phone with a broken screen is surprising, but it’s even more surprising that so many haven’t bothered to fix them because they still work fine!

"Whatever your reason for not fixing, it’s important to make sure you insure your gadgets to protect you against breakages; otherwise, if you ever decide to fix your handset, you may be looking at a hefty pricetag to boot."

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