Top weird sports stories from 2011 (DAFTAS)

It's always impressive to see professional sports people on the top of their game. Of course they are always more likely to win a DAFTAS award if they are having a nightmare.

WINNER: Not only did Sergio Ramos win the Spanish cup with Real Madrid in 2011 -- but he also won the DAFTA for weird sports story after dropping the national cup from the top of a double-decker bus while celebrating the win. (Guardian)

RUNNER-UP: Cristiano Ronaldo giving a fan a shirt is nothing unusual. But giving a fan a shirt after whacking a ball at his face and leaving him with a bloody and possibly broken nose, well that's good enough for us. (Asylum)

Cricket pundit Edward Bevan was talking about the action between Glamorgan's Clydesdale Bank 40 and Somerset on BBC Radio Wales when a ball crashed into the commentary box hitting Bevan on the back and scattering glass everywhere. As heard by listeners. (BBC)

Kim Clijsters this year hit a return of serve which has been described as the luckiest shot in Grand Slam history. The ball appears to be going out after clipping the net, but the ball hits the net post and bounces back in. (BBC)

At most golf courses, hazards aren't really dangerous. But at the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Australia, they're considerably more, well, hazardous... because the course is infested by killer sharks. (Asylum)

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