The best PR stunts from 2011 (DAFTAS)

We think the best examples of PR are the ones which not only sell cars or get people to change mobile phone network, but also entertain people by making the news as they’re doing so.

WINNER: Just before the Royal Wedding, T-Mobile decided to give us a glimpse into what they thought could happen on the big day and hired a hosts of royal lookalikes to perform a Royal Wedding Dance which went onto be seen by more than 25 million times. (YouTube)

RUNNER-UP: Marketing bosses for the Steven Soderberdh film Contagian Bacteria ad gives new meaning to viral marketing when they created a  living bacteria-based billboard advert which was installed in an abandoned shop window in Toronto. (NewsLite)

275x250.jpg Commuters were left scratching their heads earlier this year, after car makers Chevrolet confused them by 'parking' a life-size bright blue Play-Doh vehicle an a street in London. (Daily Mail)

275x250.jpg Pub bosses in Birmingham claimed they'd had to upgrade the wine they stock because a ghost there was smashing any substandard bottles in the cellar of the 17th Century Sizzling Court Oak. (People)

Cinema bosses in the US turned a complaint into a PR opportunity this year when they uploaded an irate telephone call on YouTube. In the clip the angry customer complained about being kicked out of the cinema for using her phone. (Asylum)

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