WNWDW: Chocolate-coated Brussels sprouts a hit

275x250.jpg We're taking a festive break at Newslite Towers, so rather than our usual stream of posts, we're bringing back 'Weird News We Didn't Write' -- our round-up of the best odd news stories of the day. Here we go…

A Chirstmas-minded chocolatier has hit upon an unusual festive hit… chocolate-coated Brussels sprouts. (The Sun)

Sea creatures including worm larva, plankton and a paddle worm helgolandica have been used by boffins at Plymouth University to create a bizarre Christmas card. (Daily Mail)

A TV weatherman stormed off the set after being asked to do an interview and give the forecast. (Daily Mail)

News reports in North Korea are claiming that nature is "mourning" the death of Kim Jong Il through  "strange natural phenomena" such as cracking ice, glowing mountains and glorious sunsets. (HuffPost)

Siku is an orphaned polar bear cub which has become an online hit after being ridiculously adorable in a YouTube video. (Mirror) (YouTube)

The Filipino air hostesses who perform safety demos to music for YouTube hi-jinx are at it again, this time to a festive Mariah Carey number. (Daily Mail)

A Dutch football game came to an abrupt end when a manager ordered his team off the pitch after a goalie was shown a red card for defending himself against a thug who ran on the pitch. (Daily Mail)
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