Taxi driver takes dog from Madrid to London

275x250.jpg Taxi drivers love having a good story to tell, and John Jupp has got a corker -- the day he had to drive a dog from Madrid to London.

The cabbie says he was recently approached by a regular client and asked whether he would allow a dog in his car.

When he said yes, she asked him how much it would be to drive from London to Madrid in Spain and back again with her pet pooch.

While he hasn't revealed the price, it must have been good enough because Jupp completed the job which started with taking a ferry to Santander and driving to the Spanish capital.

Then on Wednesday morning he started driving at 4am with the pooch in the back and spent 16 hours driving back to Knightsbridge.
If he'd driven from London to Madrid and back, the 2,000 mile journey would have taken around 38 hours

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