Police give free sweets to keep revellers quiet

275x250.jpg Police in Durham are handing out thousands of free boiled sweets to drunk revellers in a bid to keep them quiet.

After receiving complaints of drunk students making a noise on their way through residential areas from city centre bars, cops tried to think of novel solutions.

As a result they've ordered 10,000 fruit-flavoured sweets bearing either the message 'Shush' or 'Quiet Please' imprinted on the surface.

These will be kept in reserve for busy nights in the city and handed out whenever officers feel revellers need a reminder to keep the noise down as they make their way home.
"The idea of handing out sweets or lollipops at the end of a night has been done in other areas, but we think Durham is the first to include a message aimed at those who might otherwise make a racket," said Insp Paul Anderson.

"Late-night noise is a genuine issue for a number of our residents and we hope this initiative will make a difference.

Durham Police

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