Helicopter pilot escapes horror crash… on live TV

A New Zealand helicopter pilot has somehow escaped from a horror crash which happened as he was putting up a seven-story Christmas tree.

Greg Gribble had been using the copter to install the massive Telecom Christmas Tree at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour and the moment was being broadcast on live TV.

But as the pilot with 20 years of experience descended, the B2 Squirrel became tangled in cables attached to scaffolding and the helicopter was put into a spin.

As the back of the helicopter snapped, Gribble was thrown out and terrifyingly close to the spinning blades and everything came crashing down to the ground.
Amazingly Gribble survived the crash and only suffered minor injuries. His son, also a pilot, said lifting the christmas tree was not unusual for the company, who is often involved in firefighting and spraying chemicals.
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