Stress-related arguments are at an all-time high

275x250.jpgResearchers found the average couple falls out four times a week, with over-spending and a lack of help around the house some of the most likely triggers.

Six in ten of the 2,000 adults polled said stress 'tips them over the edge' and sparks fights with loved ones, which wouldn't happen under normal circumstances.
Feeling worked up is also affecting parents' relationships with their kids, causing a slump in productivity at work and putting couples’ sex lives on hold.
The average couple endured two stress-related arguments 12 months ago, but recession and the expense of Christmas means tension is building up in millions of British households.
Other common triggers include, diet, commuting, and a lack of sex… and constantly going on about odd surveys.
1.     Work
2.     Finances
3.     Not getting enough sleep
4.     Your figure
5.     Commuting
6.     Your diet
7.     Your kids
8.     Lack of sex
9.     Your Partner
10.  Lack of help around the house
A spokesperson for benhealth magazine, which commissioned the study, said: "There's no doubt that many of us feel the effects of stress in our everyday lives, resulting in a major impact on our personal relationships and work lives."
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