US government says there's no sign of aliens… yet

275x250.jpg The US government has officially responded to calls for them to "acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth" -- by saying there isn't one.

Conspiracy theorists had hoped the petitions on the White House website would force officials to declare they'd already made contact with little green men.

But the response states the American government has no proof to support the existence of aliens, UFO landings, abductions, or aliens living among us.

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," it reads.

It goes on to say: "There is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."  But they would say that wouldn't they.
The reply to the petition also outlines the projects working toward the goal of understanding if life can or does exist off Earth.

Searching for ET @ White House   
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