Artists turn Jersey beaches into works of art

275x250.jpg We once built a sandcastle which we thought was a work of art -- but it didn't have anything on these beach-based creations.

Jersey's beaches were recently transformed into it a series of artworks at the World Beach Art Championships.

Competitors battled it out by drawing masterpieces in the sand with French artist Sam Dougados crowned champion for his design of parallel lines and concentric circles.

However, tourists didn't have long to appreciate the artworks -- the sea soon turned the beach into a blank canvas again.
275x250.jpg Judge Nick Romeril said: "Sam's creation was captivating in design and content and beautifully mirrored the surrounding landscape.

"His work received critical acclaim from the many members of the public that came to watch him at work and he is an extremely talented man indeed."

Speaking of his win, Sam Dougados commented: "This award is a great honour and very much unexpected. I feel that everyone was a winner today as each piece of art was a masterpiece in its own right."

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