People would rather an iPad than world peace

275x250.jpg If they were granted one wish, more people would ask for an iPad 2 than world peace… a rather depressing study has found.

A poll of 1,200 Brits found that while the most popular wish would be for one million pounds, it was closely followed by an Apple iPad 2.

Wishes for world peace came in third, followed by being famous, cosmetic surgery and a new sports car.

Other popular wishes included, a mansion, meeting a celebrity and owning a designer wardrobe. Less popular ones were 'McDonalds in their kitchen' and an 'unlimited supply of new trainers'.
A spokesperson for Grant My Wish Smartphone App, who conducted the study, said: "It was really interesting to see that the respondents would wish for an iPad2 and a million pounds over world peace.

"However, I do believe that if they genuinely had the opportunity for one of those wishes to be granted; they would opt for world peace instead."
Top 10 most popular wishes:
1.       One million pounds  
2.       iPad 2  
3.       World Peace
4.       Be Famous  
5.       Cosmetic surgery  
6.       Sports Car  
7.       Mansion
8.       Meet a celebrity
9.       Start own business  
10.      Own a designer wardrobe

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