This Full English breakfast is actually a dessert

275x250.jpg It may look like typical Full English breakfast, but this meal is actually an impressive sweet dessert made by a talented cook.

Vicky McDonald -- a food blogger at -- says she spent weeks perfecting the dish to make sure it looked just like the real thing but tasted wonderfully sweet.

As such the bacon is really coloured brandy snap biscuits, the egg is a dollop of panna cotta topped with lemon curd and the sausages are caramelised peanut butter sponge cakes.

The hash browns are brioche coated with panko breadcrumbs, the black pudding is chocolate biscuit cake and the beans are tiny biscuits coated in white chocolate and coated in a fruit coulis.
275x250.jpg Writing on her blog Vicky said: "Every item on this plate is in fact dessert. It’s the breakfast fry-up that is even suitable for vegetarians.

"However, I think it should be served with a sweet dessert wine rather than a builder’s tea."

Explaining why she wanted to recreate a breakfast, she added: "It’s so iconic and it’s something that everyone instantly recognises.

"This dish took a few weeks to figure out, a lot of trial and error with a few delicious disasters along the way."
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