Bank robbery foiled by crook's poor handwriting

275x250.jpg A would-be bank robber was forced to flee empty-handed when staff were unable to read his note demanding they hand over cash.

Thomas Love had apparently walked into a WSFS Bank in Delaware and handed over a poorly penned note, which the teller was unable to read.

When she told him that she couldn't make out what wanted -- like the scene in Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run -- 40-year-old Love stormed off.

After realising he'd been trying to rob the bank, staff contacted police and gave them his description. He was arrested shortly after.
A Delaware State Police spokesman said: "We get plenty of notes passed, but none where they've been illegible. We had to call in the hieroglyphics expert!"

Even after careful examination of the note, which had been thrown into a nearby bin, officers said they could not fully understand it.

Delaware State Police   

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