Giant avocados the size of melons hit UK stores

An enormous avocado which grows to 10 times of standard varieties is set to  hit UK supermarket shelves… which is good news for fans of guacamole.

The jumbo avocado, of the ‘Linda’ variety, weighs up to 1.5kg which is more that the weight of two international Rugby balls!

A spokesperson for Waitrose, who will sell the monster, say the fruit stays on trees in Peru’s Chincha valley for up to one year to achieve its exceptional size.

The huge avocado, which sells for £4.99 is big enough to make a dish of guacamole or retro avocado and prawn starters to serve dinner party guests. 
Waitrose salads buying manager Richard Bickerton said: "Linda’s generous proportions mean she can be cut into four chunks and served with prawns for a modern take on the popular Seventies dinner party starter.

"She has a superb creamy texture with a very intense and slightly nutty avocado flavour."

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