What can men remember? Not mom's birthday!

275x250.jpgA study into mens' memory has discovered 12% of blokes don't know their mother's birthday… and that 6% don’t know their partner’s.

1,231 men were recently quizzed about the important dates they could recall off the top of their head, and the results weren't great.
7% claimed they could only remember their own birthday with many not able to name the date their friends, family and partners were born.

Anniversaries proved the most commonly forgotten dates and while 41% said it was because they didn’t have the dates ‘written down’, 11% said their other half would remind them.

However,38% of the respondents said that they ‘always ensured’ they knew the date of their supported football team’s ‘first match of the season’.
A spokesperson for Grant My Wish App -- which commissioned the study -- said: "It is disappointing to see that so many men are forgetful of such important dates, however, it is also a fact that we are not surprised about.

"Remembering special dates can be tricky for anyone, as we all have so many things going on in life. we are sure that if we conducted the exact same study with women, the results wouldn’t be too dissimilar.

"We all know how lovely it is to receive a card or present on a special day, so perhaps we should make more of an effort to remember the dates to celebrate the people we love the most.”

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