Pizza vending machine set to launch in New York

A vending machine which prepares and cooks pizzas in under two minutes could soon be launched on the streets of New York.

The automated Pizzametry pizzeria not only delivers freshly baked pizza (not microwaved) in a matter of minutes, but diners can also watch it being cooked.

Once a user has selected the type of pizza they want, they will see the dough flattened into a base and then the tomato sauce, cheese and toppings added before it's sent to the oven.

Inventor Puzant Khatchadourian says each machine can hold the ingredients required to produce 150 pizzas and that the eight-inch pizzas are delivered in a box with a disposable pizza cutter.
Bosses at Pizzametry say the above video is an early prototype and that newer versions are more impressive and that the 32-inch flat-screen TV on the front can be used to display adverts.

A spokesperson said: "What really excites us is the machine's interior: a finely tuned automated pizzeria.

"The process begins as it often does at your local pizza parlor, with a piece of refrigerated dough. What you'll see after you order your pizza is the dough being spread out.

"Then toppings are sprinkled on it, and the pizza is moved into a genuine oven—a component that we spent a great deal of time designing—which cooks it.

"The crust is thin, and it comes out of the oven pleasantly crisp."

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