Fake pilot sparks airport scare in TV comedy stunt

275x250.jpg Three people have been arrested after a stunt they were recording for a TV comedy series sparked a major security scare at a New Zealand airport.

The TV stunt gone wrong had seen an actor dressed as a pilot try to gain access to a secure part of the airport, but he was stopped by police.

When he was unable to provide suitable forms of identification he left -- but not before airport staff contacted police, who in turn issued a national alert.

CCTV footage of the man was released and airports across the country were put on high alert with officials fearing a terrorist attack.

But it was later revealed the attempted security breach had been pat of a hidden camera TV comedy series. Surprisingly not many people were left laughing.
Auckland based Detective Superintendent Andy Lovelock said: "Attempted breaches of airport security are taken very seriously.

"The work of the ground personnel highlights their attention to maintaining high levels of security at the airport."

NZ Police   
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