Bystanders rescue motorcycle crash man (Video)

This video footage shows the dramatic moment bystanders in Utah stopped being bystanders after a terrifying motorcycle crash and saved the rider from a fiery death.

21-year-old Brandon Wright had been riding his motorcycle when he slammed into to a BMW -- both vehicles caught fire and Wright was trapped under the car.

That's when passersby sprang into action in a desperate bid to save him, realising he was unconscious and trapped, they tried to lift the BMW off him.

As the car continued to burn, more and more people risked their own lives by joined in until they were able to lift the car enough to pull Wright out from under it. Heroic stuff.
Once he was clear of the flaming car the fire was extinguished and Wright was treated by paramedics -- he was rushed to a hospital where he was in critical but stable condition.
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