Tetris fan creates Luigi from falling bricks (Video)

John Schuepbach is better at playing Tetris than you -- not content with making lines disappear, he uses the falling blocks to create images.

Recently he recorded himself playing the classic game and creating an image of the Nintendo character Luigi in the process. Yes, during a live game.

Schuepbach carved out the impressive image by keeping the right coloured bricks and lines in place, while clearing the ones he didn't.

This one attempt took him more than an hour and we dread to think how many attempts it took to get it right… but we're certainly glad Schuepbach didn't have anything better to do.
sure some people won't be completely happy with the color choice, but there's only so much you can do with 6 pieces/colors.

"Based on what I had to work with, this color scheme seemed to look the best."

Schuepbach @ YouTube     
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