PowerPoint ban wanted by Swiss political party

275x250.jpgA new political party in Switzerland hopes to run the in upcoming October parliamentary elections with a single aim… to ban PowerPoint presentations.

Bosses of the 'Anti-PowerPoint Party' say that 250 million people around the world a subjected to a PowerPoint presentation each month and that the punishment must stop.

Party founder Matthias Poehm says not only do people hate watching PowerPoint presentations, but the time wasted preparing them costs the world economy €350bn each year.

As such the APPP party is promoting the use of the humble flip-chart and Matthias Poehm needs 10,000 signatures for his party to be free to run candidates in the election.

So far less than 1,000 people are thought to have signed up… maybe it would have gone better if he'd had a impressive PowerPoint presentation.
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