Elderly gardener impales eye with pruning shears

275x250.jpg An 86-year-old American man has been treated in hospital after accidentally impaling his pruning shears through his eye socket.

Leroy Luetscher had been working in the garden of his Arizona home when he slipped and dropped then into the ground, luckily they landed blade side down.

However, less luckily he then lost his balance and fell face first onto the handle which penetrated his eye socket underneath the eye.

Doctors at Arizona University Medical Centre -- where the shears were removed and his eye was saved -- said the handle had penetrated down into his neck… but you can probably see that from the x-ray.
A spokesperson from University Medical Centre, said: "Half of the pruning shears was sticking out and the other half was in his head.

"You just wonder how the handle of the pruning shears got there.

The handle was actually resting on the external carotid artery in his neck.

Arizona University Medical Centre     
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