X-rays show rioter smashed skull of police dog

275x250.jpg Obi is one tough police dog. Even suffering multiple fractures to his skull when a rioter in London hurled a brick at him, couldn't stop him from doing his job.

And X-ray images of the three-year-old German shepherd have now been revealed  showing the severity of the injuries he sustained during the London riots.

Staff at Queens Veterinary School Hospital at the University of Cambridge say 3D CT images show the impact site of the brick and surrounding bone damage.

Amazingly Obi carried on working for two hours after sustaining the injury - though he's now recuperating at home and is expected to be out of action for several months. 
275x250.jpg Luckily experts say there's no evidence of gross haemorrhage around the brain and Obi is expected to make a full recovery.

PC Phil Wells, his handler from the Dog Support Unit, said: "Obi, like all our dogs, showed incredible bravery in the face of the mass disorder we have seen this week.

"All Met dogs receive the best possible training to help them cope with the most dangerous of situations, but this week has tested them and us to the limit.

Met Police                 
Queens Veterinary School    
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