Man drove motorised beer cooler… while drunk

An Australian man has been banned from driving for ten months after he was caught drink driving on a motorised beer cooler full of booze.

23-year-old Chris Petrie was pulled over by officers when they saw him driving along on the odd contraption and presumably looking a little bit worse for wear.

Sure enough Petrie, who'd been doing 20km per hour, tested over the limit - he'd drunk a few while building the £400 Esky device which he'd bought online - and was arrested.

The drink driver said he did not realise the motorised beer cooler could be classified as a motor vehicle and therefore didn't think he could be arrested. He was wrong.
During a court hearing at Noosa Heads magistrates, the magistrate said he'd had to consult the statute books to satisfy himself that the esky was indeed a vehicle and also wanted to know what was inside.

After being told it contained three cans of Bundaberg rum and coke and some ice, he imposed the minimum mandatory penalty of nine month's disqualification for driving under the influence, with an additional month for not having a licence. He was also fined £300.
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