FBI dub serial bank robber the 'Bad hair bandit'

275x250.jpg A bank robber has been dubbed the 'Bad hair bandit' by the FBI after carrying out a series of more than 18 raids while wearing dodgy wigs.

It's said she's donned everything from a badly fitting bob to blonde dreadlocks in a bid to hide her identity during her crime spree.

During each of her raids, she slips the bank cashiers a note saying that she has a gun, and orders them to hand over bags of cash.

While it's not known if she actually has a weapon, officers advise against approaching her… or saying how bad her hair looks.
An FBI spokesperson said: "She is thought to be responsible for at least 18 bank robberies and attempted bank robberies throughout Washington State, Oregon, and Montana since December of 2010.

"Typically, the woman enters the bank and passes a note to a teller in which she demands cash and states that she is armed. She appears to flee by car, possibly a newer silver or gold sedan similar to a Honda Accord."


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