Cow escapes sausage maker - pretends to be deer

275x250.jpgA cow in Germany has not only managed to escape from a Bavarian sausage maker, but has spent 10 months hiding out with a herd of deer in woodland.

The brilliant bovine called Yvonne is said to have last year escaped from a sausage-based future after somehow escaping and going on the run in Bavaria.

Since then she's eluded capture by pretending to be a deer and even blending in with a herd which live in nearby woodland.

However, since the story was recently picked up by local media, it's not been looking good for Yvonne and there are reports hunters have been given permission to shoot her.

Luckily, Animal rights campaigners from Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary are on the case and are trying to lure her to safety with Ernst the breeding bull.
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