Amazon tribe missing after drug trafficker attack

275x250.jpg An uncontacted tribe of Amazon Indians, who were discovered and filmed for the first time earlier this year, have gone missing after suspected drug-traffickers raided their village.

Brazil's National Indian Foundation says the tribe was recently over-run by heavily-armed men who are believed to be Peruvian drug traffickers and chased them away.

The remote outpost is reported to have been ransacked and while one of the traffickers’ rucksacks was found to have a broken arrow inside - a package containing 20kg of cocaine was also discovered nearby.

Carlos Travassos, the head of the Brazilian government’s isolated Indians department, said: "Arrows are like the identity card of uncontacted Indians. We think the Peruvians made the Indians flee. Now we have good proof."
"We are more worried than ever. This situation could be one of the biggest blows we have ever seen in the protection of uncontacted Indians in recent decades. It’s a catastrophe."

Survival International Director Stephen Corry added: "This is extremely distressing news. There is no knowing how many tribal peoples the drugs trade has wiped out in the past, but all possible measures should be taken to stop it happening again.

"The world’s attention should be on these uncontacted Indians, just as it was at the beginning of this year when they were first captured on film."

Survival International      
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