Stuntman recreates stunt which almost killed him

275x250.jpg Britain’s oldest stuntman, who has appeared in a host of Hollywood movies, has recreated a stunt which almost killed him 26 years years ago.

64-year-old Rocky Taylor suffered a fractured spine, pelvis and horrific burns when the 40ft plunge from a burning building went wrong as he filmed Death Wish 1985.

But this week he plucked up courage to recreate the stunt in a bid to raise awareness of charitable legacies by throwing himself off a building at Battersea Power Station in London.

And as you can tell by the fact the headline of this article isn't "Britain’s oldest stuntman kills himself in fire dive" it all went to plan and Rocky survived uninjured.
275x250.jpg Speaking of the stunt, Rocky said: "I was incredibly nervous when I was standing on the building with the flames behind me.

"It brought back everything which happened all those years ago. But it felt good to jump.

"It was something I had to do and I’m glad to have finally done it again and got it out of my system."

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