Terrafugia flying car is one step closer to release

275x250.jpg The Terrafugia Transition flying car is one step closer to taking to the sky after being cleared by the US National Highway Safety Administration.

Aviation bosses say the off-beat vehicle - which has wings which fold up for use on the road - could get UK clearance as soon as next year.

Makers say the flying car is made from carbon fibre runs on unleaded fuel and can cover up to 450 miles on each tank. On the road it can do 100km/h and 185km/h in the air.

Given it can also transform from car to plane in just 15 seconds it sounds like the ideal way to beat the morning traffic… assuming you have the £130,000 to buy one.
275x250.jpg It's said that the US clearance would mean the flying car would get rubber stamped by the European Safety Agency and therefore be cleared for flying by the British Civil Aviation Authority.

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