Close shave for firefighters as houses explode

275x250.jpg Fire fighters in Yorkshire had a close shave recently, when two houses exploded just yards from where they were standing, as this video footage shows.

The team had been called to what they had been told was a small kitchen fire, but when they arrived they found a string of small fires in a row of six terraced houses.

Moving quickly the brave crew from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service evacuated 30 people (including two from upstairs using ladders)  from the homes and began to tackle the blaze.

And it's a good job they acted so fast… because just seconds after the residents had been led away to safety a massive explosion tore through the homes partly demolishing two and causing extensive fire and blast damage to four more.
Masonry and the front doors were sent flying towards the firefighters in the blast but amazingly only one firefighter suffered minor cuts needed to be taken to hospital.

Investigations revealed the fire and subsequent blast was not caused by a kitchen fire, but after thieves tried to cut a piece of copper cable was from an overhead line and affected some of the gas pipes within the properties.

A WYFRS spokesperson said: "If the house had exploded only seconds earlier, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have killed or seriously injured the occupants and the firefighters who were risking their lives to rescue them.

"We can’t stress enough how devastating this could have been. Instead, they lost their homes and possessions rather than their lives.

West Yorkshire Fire    

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