Suitcase has micro scooter built in for commuters

275x250.jpg A new suitcase has gone on sale which should ensure you can get across the airport fast enough that you never miss another flight… because it's got a built-in micro scooter.

The bizarre baggage - which consists of a  26 litre capacity case and lean-and-steer scooter - is being marketed at frequent business flyers and people making short commutes to work.

Makers claim the hard-shell Samsonite case and micro scooter ensure you arrive at your destination in time and unruffled and add it’s classed as carry-on luggage and can be stowed in an over-head locker.

For more relaxed occasions -- and those where you don't want to look like a fool --  the Micro Luggage case can be used as a regular wheeled case.
275x250.jpg A spokesperson for Mirco Scooters said: "Micro Scooters UK has already changed the face of the school run with thousands of families having swopped their gas guzzling 4x4s for the Mini and Maxi Micros.

"Now the company is set to do the same for commuting with the Micro Luggage scooter.

"Not only is it a healthier option to a car, it’s a great way of reducing your carbon footprint."
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