Gun fan shot himself filming instructional video

A gun expert who uploads instructional videos to YouTube has produced his most compelling argument for gun safety yet… by accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Tex Grebner had been recording a video of himself practicing a quick-draw and pulling his gun from a holster to shoot a target just feet from him.

But the blundering gun enthusiast accidentally fired his gun and shot a round into his leg - it entered at the top of his thigh and exited near his knee.

Grebner say he suffered the "negligent discharge" because he had been practicing with a Glock and "thumbdrive holster" earlier in the day and forgetting which weapon he was using, unintentionally took the safety off.
"I was very lucky I was not more seriously injured. The reason I share this is because negligent discharges happen and I don't want them to happen to anyone else.

"I consider myself to be a very safe and responsible gun owner and I have done that draw stroke thousands of times with no problem. Things just tend to happen."

Grebner also encourages viewers to join the National Rifle Association.

Tex Grebner  
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