Time-lapse video shows dust storm in Phoenix

A massive 30-mile wide dust storm has swept into the Phoenix… and given this photographer a chance to shoot an amazing time-lapse video.

When wedding and lifestyle photographer Mike Olbinski heard the haboob was heading to the city - he didn't do the sensible thing and stay inside.

Instead he grabbed his camera gear and set off in search of a good vantage point where he set his camera to take a photograph every five seconds as the dust cloud approached.

The resulting time-lapse video shows the dust storm rolling in like a giant tsunami. And while it's disappointing the video cuts off before the camera is engulfed, we can understand Mike not wanting to get it dirty.
While the haboob dust and sandstorms are common in the south-west, this one was particularly large and combine with 70mph winds caused disruption to drivers and the temporary closure of the airport.

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