Ride the Tour de France from your living-room

275x250.jpg Some cycling fans like to follow the professionals and ride every gruelling mile of the Tour de France route, others prefer to watch it from home.

But mow there's no reason to choose - because an exercise bike has been revealed which lets users ride Le Tour from their own home.

The £800 device uses Google Maps to let would-be Alberto Contadors not only follow the route and cycle the right distances - but it also tilts to match the angle of the French roads.

But while the high-tech bike also give a realistic work-out by adjusting resistance base on your wind profile, it can't provide the entertainment of French farmers.
275x250.jpg Makers Pro-Form say of the official 'Le Tour' branded training bike: "You get a realistic workout-just as if you were outside-but without the traffic, potholes and weather.

"Now you can have the perfect day on your road bike every day of the year with Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle."

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