Fathers taught to turn babies into gym equipment

275x250.jpg A dad and fitness expert has scored a publishing hit after writing a book telling other fathers how to turn their new babies into effective gym equipment.

Joshua Levitt says he came up with the idea for 'Baby Barbells' after realising there was less time to hit the gym following the birth of his own children.

When lying on his back and lifting his daughter up from his chest in a bid to soothe her, he realised he was getting a workout from the accidental baby bench press.

From there he developed an entire exercise routine, including moves called lullaby lunges and peek-a-boo pop-ups, which he claims will help keep new dads fit… especially if they have a porky baby.
Speaking of his book'Baby Barbells, Levitt said: "About six months after my first baby was born I realised that in my own effort to be the father and husband I wanted to be, that my own attention to exercise had begin to fall by the wayside.

"One day I was flat on my back, dog tired and I had a fussy six-month-old perched on my chest and none of the usual tricks were working so I picker her up 'baby up, baby down, baby up, baby down'."

"And finally she smiled, she giggles and began to coo. And I began the feel the burn in my triceps and that was it, Baby Barbells was born."

Baby Barbells      
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